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Welcome to ACCURATe
Aerospace Composite Components - Ultrasonic Robot Assisted Testing
Laser based Non-Destructive Testing system
Fast, contactless testing of large carbon fiber reinforced polymer in aircraft structures
World Leading Expertise
A consortium combining experience and knowledge in Laser development, Robotics and Non-destructive testing
Part of the Clean Sky 2 Funding Framework

objectives of ACCURATe:


ACCURATe will design a Laser Ultrasonic Testing prototype system capable of Non-destructive investigation of fuselage barrel demostrators.


The prototype LUT system will meet non-destructive investigation requirements and be optimised for the Topic Manager.


ACCURATe will install the developed prototype at the Topic Manager's facility with the inspection of the fuselage barrel demonstrator component panel.
ACCURATe is to develop a prototype system based on Laser Ultrasonic Testing technology to be used for non-destructive inspection of hybrid composite structures